Life Events

I’m Feeling 22!

So on the 24th of March I officially turned 22. It’s not a big change, I’m only a year older. It was the first birthday I spent away from home though. Like completely away, I didn’t go home even around my birthday. This year I spent it with my friends.  About 12 of my friends… Continue reading I’m Feeling 22!


Trip to Chippenham

A week ago, my friend and I decided to take some time off from our busy lives and take a little trip down to the farm! For three days we stayed with my parents while I showed my friend the town that I spent half of my childhood in. We started the first day with… Continue reading Trip to Chippenham

Awkward Moments

Awkward Encounter #1 

I can’t believe that this is the first time something awkward has happened to me since I started posting on this blog… I’m really not living up to my name… Either way, sit your pretty ass down in a comfy chair because it’s story time kids! Yesterday I was at work all day. From 9.30am… Continue reading Awkward Encounter #1 


Hidden Figures

Every little thing just wants to be loved. – The Secret Life of Bees Have you ever seen a film SO good that you just need to stop whatever you are doing and write about it? Well, it happened to me and here I am! My friend and I went to the cinema on Monday… Continue reading Hidden Figures