Awkward Moments

Awkward Encounter #1 

I can’t believe that this is the first time something awkward has happened to me since I started posting on this blog… I’m really not living up to my name…

Either way, sit your pretty ass down in a comfy chair because it’s story time kids!

Yesterday I was at work all day. From 9.30am till 6pm. Pretty long time. Because it was a Sunday, the shop closed at 5pm so for the last hour everyone was just basically hovering around looking for something to do. 

Being me, I was so caught up in all the work, that I forgot to go on my last 15 minute break. So at 5.15pm I asked my supervisor if I can go and she let me. This is great, I thought, when I come back I only have half an hour left of my shift! 

So I drank some water and replied to a few messages and then I went back downstairs once my break was over. 

There were only two people left in the area that I worked in, they both were itching to go home so bad  (don’t we all?). One of the girls said that we need to wait for the manager to let us go, before we can actually leave. I mean, I knew that, this was my 3rd or 4th weekend working there… 

Suddenly we hear the manager shout something from the distance. I have no idea what she’s saying but everyone is piling towards the exit so I follow suit. 

Once we’re by the lifts that take us upstairs I glance at my friend’s watch. It reads 17.35pm.

“How come she’s letting us go early?” I asked.

“She’s not.” My friend replied. “She said those who finish at 5.30 can leave.” 

And again, this happens every week, So I know they do that. But…at this point everyone is looking at me. I just let out a soft oh while getting red in the face and slowly walking back to the work space. To make matters worse, my friend starts singing “hello darkness my old friend” to me as I walk and I can just hear random people laughing behind me.


Admittedly it wasn’t THAT bad or horrifying BUT at the time, I still wanted the ground to swallow me whole…


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