Trip to Chippenham

A week ago, my friend and I decided to take some time off from our busy lives and take a little trip down to the farm! For three days we stayed with my parents while I showed my friend the town that I spent half of my childhood in.


We started the first day with some home made banana pancakes with apples and raspberry sauce. It gave us plenty of energy so we went walking around the neighbourhood and I showed my friend places like my school, my old work, and where I used to live.


I took her to this little place where me and my ex-best friend used to spend most of our summers. It brought back a lot of memories, both good and bad, but overall I was so happy to be able to see that place again. It was a very nostalgic walk.


On the way, we also managed to see a lot of pretty cherry blossoms trees. Looks like the spring has finally come!


Unfortunately the rain caught us on the way home and we got completely drenched. Our clothes were drying for almost a day! Even though we had umbrellas they really didn’t help much, the wind was way too strong.


The next day we met up with another friend for breakfast and after that we we went to see the town. We went for a walk along the river and then quickly hit the shops. My friend and I were both so lucky, we both managed to buy a pretty coat in New Look for ยฃ7! What a bargain.


We started the last day with an omelette made with ALL the veggies we found in the house (which really wasn’t that many). After that, our friend  came to get us by car and we went to Swindon! Firstly, we went for a round of bowling followed by some fun at the arcade.


After that we went to the centre for some light shopping and then headed back to Bristol!

It was such a fun trip and spending time with my friends like this, without having to worry about uni work was truly a blessing.


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